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What is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN)?

DPN is a complication of diabetes and is caused by chronically high levels of glucose (sugar) levels, which causes nerve damage in the body, primarily in the legs and feet. It affects more than half of all people with diabetes. DPN can lead to pain and poor balance and if untreated it can get worse with time. 

If DPN goes untreated, individuals can experience the following:

Pain in your legs and feet.  
Foot ulcers can occur. Ulcers should be treated immediately by your health care provider as it can cause infection and potentially lead to amputation.
Falling can occur when people lose sensation in their legs and feet. This can result in serious injury. 

How can a NC-stat DPN check help you?

The American Diabetes Association recommends a comprehensive foot exam at least once a year for people with diabetes. 

A NC-Stat DPNCheck nerve conduction test can give you a firm foundation for your overall diabetes care. The test offers:

An accurate, non-invasive in-office sural nerve conduction test. The sural nerve is located in the lower leg and ankle region. It is one of the first places that the body will show signs of nerves being impacted by diabetes. 
No needles or invasive procedures. It provides a numerical reading of the ability of the sural nerve to conduct nerve impulses. 
Allows for early detection and intervention to prevent severe and long-term damage to the legs and feet.

A record of sural nerve conduction results allows you and your Doctor to monitor the progression of your DPN. A NC-Stat DPNCheck test provides the information needed to not only better manage your diabetes, but also to help preserve your nerves and thereby protect your feet from the serious complications of the disease. The NC-Stat DPNCheck test is covered by Medicare and many other Heath Insurance Companies.

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